Plastic injection machine

  • China Injection Machine

    China Injection Machine

    1. Stable and high quality 2. Cheap price and high cost effective 2. OEM available

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  • Injection Machine

    Injection Machine

    1.Low price tag: The base price of these machines are significantly less than its alternatives. 2. Cheaper parts: If a part on the machine needs to be replaced due to damage or the parts life-span reached its limit, the replacement parts are lower cost and easier to find. 3.Stronger parts: The hydraulic parts of the machine are more resistant to wear and tear—they are built to last. 4.Power: Hydraulic molding machines have exceptional clamping force and excellent performance

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  • Imported Injection Machine

    Imported Injection Machine

    1.Diversity: the possible combinations for hybrid injection molding machines open up new degrees of design flexibility. 2.Best of both: Hybrid molding machines combine the energy savings and accuracy of electric molders with the force-generating capacity of a hydraulic unit. 3.Replaced motor: Hybrids have replaced fixed-speed DC pump motors with variable-speed AC drives so the pump only operates when required and uses the necessary amount of oil for process efficiency. 4.Less downtime: These require less maintenance and experience less downtime than an all-hydraulic or all-electric molding machines. 5.Price point: Falls nicely between all-hydraulic and all-electric molding machines, making it an affordable option. Especially for medical device manufacturers.

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